Equity indicators

Information entry into this database is still underway.

EQUINET is carrying out work on indicators for health equity within the SADC Region. The publications in this section of the database provide information on the distribution of indicators relevant to health equity in southern Africa from a range of available published sources and information on approaches to monitoring equity. A sample of the indicators available is shown below. We welcome comments, feedback and contributions on the data provided through the feedback form provided. This database is maintained through the EQUINET secretariat at TARSC in co-operation with the University of Zimbabwe Medical School.

The most recent publications are displayed below.

Policy paper 10: Geographic patterns of deprivation and health inequities in South Africa: Informing public resource allocation strategies
McIntyre, D; Muirhead, D; Gilson, L; Govender, V; Mbatsha, S; Goudge, J; Wadee, H; Ntutela, P; Health Economics Unit, University of Cape Town; Centre for Health Policy, University of Witwatersrand; Health Economics and Financing Programme, London School o (2000 August)
Poverty and health, Resource allocation and health financing
South Africa