Our work

In EQUINET we work in a number of areas that we have identified as critical to the achievement of equity in health in Southern Africa:

  • Understanding equity in health and 'watching' delivery on commitments to health equity
  • Promoting equity values in policy and practice, and using human rights as a tool for health equity
  • Promoting health equity in economic and trade policy and in the global political economy
  • Understanding links between poverty, deprivation and health equity and improving household resources for health
  • Informing and providing options for equitable health services
  • Effective and participatory approaches to confronting inequity and attrition in health personnel
  • Fair financing, including equitable allocation of health resources and equity in the mix of public and private health services
  • Equity enhancing features of governance and participation in health systems
  • Monitoring and measurement and policy analysis in support of health equity

More information can be found on these theme areas by clicking on the theme area. Collectively they combine in an overall strategic agenda in our region of

  • Reclaiming the resources for health
  • Reclaiming the state
  • Reclaiming collective agency and solidarity in health  

In 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 epidemic we have under our newsletter work prepared information briefs that compile relevant evidence for the ESA region on COVID-19, its epidemiology, impact, prevention  and management. Please read past sheets on the website under EQUINET publications and subscribe if you would  like to receive future sheets.  We welcome information from or relevant to the region to be included in the information briefs.   

As a network we mobilize and disburse resources and provide technical, institutional and other forms of support to work on health equity, including through

  • Training, mentoring, student grants, skills workshops and formal courses
  • Research grants and programmes
  • Capacity support for policy analysis
  • Publication, Information outreach and information resources
  • Providing information and policy resources to governments, parliaments and civil society
  • Supporting alliances with parliament and civil society for health equity
  • Networking activities across countries, disciplines and communities

We are building country networks of equity actors in southern Africa to support country activities and will notify you on this site of the country networks and contacts if you want to get involved. Contact the steering committee member in your country or admin [at] equinetafrica.org (subject: Query%20on%20EQUINET%20work) (email the secretariat )for more information on joining particular areas of work.