Conference 2022

Overall theme: Catalysing change for health and social justice

EQUINET conferences have provided an opportunity for different communities and areas of focus to interact, and have given guidance to our work, organisation and networking on health equity in East and Southern Africa. In 2022 EQUINET is holding a regional conference. Challenging a neoliberal mantra that there are no alternatives to policies that create social deficits and injustice, and sharing  the ideas and creativity of our region,  the 2022 conference will share and discuss experiences,  evidence, analysis, successes and struggles from local to regional level and engagement globally to advance health and wellbeing in  East and Southern Africa. Through the exchanges we will frame propositions to advance health equity and social justice in our region. We are a network of many – community members, workers, state personnel at all levels, civil society, parliamentarians, academics, trade unions, diverse professionals, innovators and producers  and alliances with other regions -  and welcome the voices, lenses and different ways of communicating ideas that all bring to the conference.  

The 2022 EQUINET Conference will be held online in three and a half days, each day a month apart, with each of the three full days covering one of the EQUINET strategic directions and the final half day on the resolutions and how EQUINET organises and what it does to take the strategic directions forward.

The three strategic areas and the 2022 Conference days for each are 

Reclaiming the resources for Health- already held on July 28! See the programme and the draft resolutions on actions on this site
Reclaiming the state - on September 15  - forthcoming and still open for registration, see the registration page
Reclaiming collective agency and solidarity in health - on October 13 - forthcoming and still open for registration, see the registration page
Organising regionally for health equity - on November 17

Various Equionet posters and banners

Scientific and organising committee


People at a demonstration holding banners that read dignity and respect for all