About Us

EQUINET is governed by a steering committee involving academic, government, civil society, trade union and parliamentary institutions from East and Southern Africa. EQUINET programmes involve institutions from 16 countries in East and Southern Africa and partner with other countries internationally.

EQUINET activities are co-ordinated and managed through Training and Research Support Centre, a non profit institution headquartered in Zimbabwe that carries out health and social policy work at national, regional and international level.

The SADC Health Sector formally recognised EQUINET in 1999 and at its Health Ministers' meeting in April 2002 recommended collaboration with EQUINET. Health Sector Officials were encouraged to work with EQUINET and to use its resources EQUINET has co-operated with in its activities with the SADC Health Sector, the SADC Directorate of Social Development and Special Programmes, the SADC HIV/AIDS Programme and the SADC Parliamentary Forum, as well as with a number of southern African regional organisations. EQUINET has a formal Memorandum governing co-operation with the East, Central and Southern African Health Community  and has made input to and co-produced with the ECSA HC on a variety of areas relevant to health equity.  

Specific areas of EQUINET work are co-ordinated by institutional members:

The different EQUINET programmes collectively network institutions across 16 East and Southern African countries

EQUINET co-operates with Peoples Health Movement in its work on civil society and health, and with a range of regional and international partners on specific work programmes.