Equity and HIV/AIDS

Strengthening health systems and building primary health care oriented responses to AIDS

EQUINET has carryied out work with REACH Trust Malawi and in co-operation with a wider range of partners in the region and internationally to identify options for a sustainable and equitable path to realising the urgent imperative of making antiretroviral therapy (ART) available to southern Africans and the long term goal of universal treatment access. We have commissioned and reported on research in countries and at regional level on equity issues in health sector responses to HIV/AIDS.

In 2008-9 EQUINET is implementing through TARSC and Ifakara Health Institute and in partnership with REACH Trust and GNNP+ a programme of participatory action research exploring the potentials and barriers to implementing different dimensions of a primary health care oriented response to AIDS. The results of this work will be reported in 2009.

EQUINET has also supported operation and policy analysis research relating to AIDS and health systems: With University of Limpopo, ECSA-HC and WHO we have reviewed how global and international funds particularly for AIDS have supported - or not- current strategies for health worker retention, in the region, with Healthnet consult are reviewing how global and international funds for AIDS, TB and Malaria are impacting on dimensions of fair financing of national health systems in Uganda. Both reports will be available in 2009.

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