Equitable health services

EQUINET work to support national people centred health systems

EQUINET is carrying out work on a range of other aspects of health services. This work aims to support a focus on building comprehensive, universal and integrated national health systems. While there are many features of national health systems, the priority features that we have identified as important for health equity are
i. Building people-led, people-centred health systems that organise, empower, value and entitle people;
ii. Promoting increased fair, sustainable and equitable financing for health at national, regional and global level in order to secure the universal right to health;
iii. Ensuring adequate, well-trained, equitably distributed and motivated health workers; and
iv. Advocating for fair global policy (just trade, reversing unfair flows of resources) with national and regional policy flexibility to exercise policies that improve health.

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EQUINET regional work and meeting on the role of essential health benefits in universal health systems 

EQUINET through Ifakara Health Institute in co-operation with Training and Research Support Centre with selected countries in east and southern Africa held a regional meeting to review findings of a research programme to understand the role, facilitators and barriers to nation-wide application of  essential health benefits in the resourcing, organisation and accountability on integrated services. Case studies were implemented in Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia and the meeting aims to draw cross country learning. The work was implemented in association with the ECSA Health Community. It reviewed the methods used in developing and costing EHBs, and the manner in which EHBs have been disseminated and used for pooling and allocating resources and commodities;  for integration of programmes; co-ordination of providers; and for monitoring and accountability on services. Reports of the work and meeting are available on the EQUINET website.

You can also search publications produced by EQUINET and our annotated bibliography for documents related to this theme.