EQUINET Online skills webinar on Participatory Action Research June 2024
On June 20th 2024 EQUINET held an online skills session on the methods for Participatory Action Research and a discussion on how to apply these methods in different thematic areas of work on health equity in the region. If you are interested in this area please contact the EQUINET secretariat.

COURSE COMPLETED! EQUINET Online skills course on Health Impact Assessment February to June 2024
Between February 20th and June 4th 2024 EQUINET in association with regional and international partners convened an online course in 12 sessions to build capacities on health impact assessment (HIA). The course built understanding of the theoretical basis of HIA, and knowledge of the methods, evidence, analysis in an HIA, of reporting of and engagement on HIA, and implementation and monitoring of proposed actions. It provided mentored guidance of participant HIA practical work, using real HIA case studies, and discuss implementation issues and strategies for scaling up and integrating HIA in law and practice in east and southern Africa. If you are interested in the course or future sessions please contact the EQUINET secretariat.

A portal page on the EQUINET website on resources for Participatory Action Research 
In the evaluation of the Reader on PAR in Health Systems Research (online on this site) one of the proposals made by many respondents was to have a website to share a range of PAR materials, and information on networks, trainers etc online. People indicated and we also noted that there are many existing resources on PAR but that we need to make it easier for people to find what is out there based on specific needs that they have. In response to this EQUINET through TARSC has set up a Participatory Action Research Portal. The new portal has a homepage and a series of ‘subpages’ for Training, resources - providing links to online training courses, whole training guides and reports of training activities; Methods, tools and ethics - providing links to online specific papers on PAR methods, to specific examples of tools, and to discussions/ guidelines on ethical issues; PAR work – providing links to stories, case studies, briefs, videos, text or photojournalism stories of PAR work, including facilitator reflections; Organisations and networks -  providing the name, snippet of information, country and link to organisations and networks involved PAR;   Publications - providing published journal papers and reports on PAR through links to the urls or on the EQUINET database and  Other resources - providing ad hoc information that doesn’t fit anywhere else.