Jobs and Announcements

5th Annual Outbreak Control and Prevention Africa Conference
23 - 24 August 2016, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Intelligence Transfer Centre is hosting the 5th Annual Outbreak Control and Prevention Africa Conference. The two day conference will enable participants to network with key role players in the industry, and to analyse disaster risk management and preparedness plans, and look surveillance and clinical treatment of infectious diseases in hospitals and confined spaces. Speakers will also examine the role of medical and health innovation to prevent and treat deadly infectious diseases.

5th Forum of the African Platform on Human Resources for Health
Kampala, Uganda, 19-21 April 2017

The African Platform on Human Resources for Health will hold its 5th Forum in Kampala, Uganda, from Wednesday 19th to Friday 21st April 2017. The African Platform is the regional arm of the Global Health Workforce Network (GWN) that was launched in Geneva last December, 2016 as the successor the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA). The Forum will review the status of implementation of the “Road map for scaling up human resources for health for improved health service delivery in the African Region 2012–2025” that was launched in 2012; build understanding of relevant recent developments such as the “Global strategy on human resources for health: (Workforce 2030)”; the African Health Strategy.; the Five-Year Action Plan to implement the recommendations of the High-Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth; and discuss the implications for African countries of the establishment of the Global Health Workforce Network (GHWN), at the WHO secretariat in Geneva. The forum will review the role of the health workforce (HWF) in Africa in advancing the movement towards Universal Health Coverage, as a part of the means to attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Forum will be conducted through Plenary, Break out and Poster sessions under the following five thematic streams: HWF Education and Training; Preparing the African HWF for Universal Health Coverage ; Leadership for Development, Management and Regulation; Nursing; as the Backbone of the Health and HWF Migration. Participation is open to a broad range of stakeholders especially from the African region.

5th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research
Programme now online: Liverpool, UK, 8-12 October 2018

The Global Symposium on Health Systems Research is organized every two years by Health Systems Global to bring together the full range of players involved in health systems and policy research and practice. Beginning with the First Global Symposium in Montreux in 2010, the Symposia have played a crucial, catalytic role in convening a global community dedicated to strengthening health systems and building the field of health systems research. The Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR2018) will take place at the ACC in Liverpool, UK from 8 to 12 October, 2018, bringing together approximately 2,000 health systems researchers, policymakers and practitioners from around the world. The full programme for the symposium is now online at the website.

5th SA TB Conference 2018
12 15 June 2018 Durban, South Africa

Major advances in TB prevention and care have been made, especially in the six high burden countries (India, Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa) yet an accelerated approach is needed to end TB, despite above 80% treatment success rates for drug sensitive TB, to ensure a more dramatic annual decline in TB incidence and prevention of TB deaths. Furthermore multidrug-resistant TB with an estimated 480 000 cases worldwide and a treatment success rate of just over 50% requires focussed interventions and an aggressive roll-out of available new drug regimens. South Africa has become the leader in the introduction of INH preventive therapy for people living with HIV for latent TB infection. Leadership is also required in other fields affecting progress, i.e. TB research, universal access to care and treatment, continued and energetic efforts for TB/HIV integration and TB financing. This conference brings together those looking to step up strategies and activities to end the TB epidemic.

5th Summer Institute (SI-5) for New Global Health Researchers
The Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research

The Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) is pleased to announce the 5th annual Summer Institute (SI-5) for researchers who are new to the field of global health research. By “new” they mean researchers who have become involved in this important area within the past five years. By “global health research” they mean research concerning the problems borne by societies in low and middle income countries (LMICs).The 5th Summer Institute for New Global Health Researchers, to be held in partnership with Network Environments for Aboriginal Research BC of the University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The Summer Institute will be held at the Quw'utsun' Cultural and Conference Centre located in the Cowichan Valley, in the southeast corner of Vancouver Island from July 16-23, 2008.

65th East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC) Health Minister’s Conference
19 - 21 March 2018, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

This conference will bring together Ministers of Health, senior officials from ministries of health, experts, health researchers, heads of health training institutions from member states of the ECSA Health Community; diverse collaborating partners in the region and beyond, with the aim of identifying policy issues and making recommendations for strengthening the region’s responses to emerging and re-emerging health concerns, to improve health outcomes. The 65th ECSA Health Ministers Conference will be held under the theme: “Multi-Sectoral Collaboration for Health towards Achievement of the SDGs”. The Conference sub-thematic areas will include: Governance and Leadership Practices in the Health sector; Mitigating the Impact of emerging and re-emerging diseases; Multi-Sectoral responses to Non-communicable Diseases; and Accountability for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent Health post-2015.

6th HEARD Workshop - Planning for HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa

One of a series of International Policy Research Workshops held over the last eleven years in the UK, East Asia and Africa, the 6th HEARD HIV/AIDS workshop focuses on the need to anticipate the medium and long-term social and economic consequences of HIV/AIDS. We offer participants a unique opportunity over two weeks, to exchange ideas, review their experiences with strategies and tactics, and identify interventions appropriate to their local situation.

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6th International Conference on Home and Community Based Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS
8 -11 December, 2003, Dakar/Senegal

The organisation of Conferences on Community and Home based Care stems from the realisation that the issue is hardly dealt with in international meetings. This conference, initiated by PWAs, is convened every other year since 1993, in different countries, with different themes depending on PWA priority concerns.

Further details: /newsletter/id/29617
6th International ISEQH Conference: Making Policy a Health Equity Building Process
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia - September 26-28, 2011

The International Society for Equity in Health- ISEqH - will hold its 6th International Conference: Making Policy a Health Equity Building Process in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia - September 26-28, 2011. Equity is an important issue to champion for, however nobody disagrees with it because is too broad. The conferebce aims to provide more detail, to be more specific and, at the same time, offer a multi disciplinary look. The organisers call for submissions for organised sessions by March 4th and individual abstracts by April 15. All participants are invited to submit an abstract for symposia and/or oral and/or poster presentations to It is not necessary to be a member of the International Society for Equity in Health to submit an abstract.

6th SA TB Conference 2020
2-5 June, Durban, South Africa

The 6th South African TB Conference is a platform for stakeholders from government, the private sector, academia, NGO’s, and advocacy groups to share experiences and plan strategic initiatives. The programme will include international faculty and globally recognised local participants that will cover key cross-cutting themes (drug-sensitive TB, drug-resistant TB, paediatric TB, HIV/TB co-infection, EPTB, and prevention, diagnosis and treatment) across 4 thematic tracks (clinical science, basic science, public health including health systems and surveillance and human rights/ stigma/ advocacy).