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Deadlines for applications: 30 June 2017

IXminusY supports social movements, action groups and change makers who are fighting for a fair, democratic, sustainable and tolerant world. Projects that are supported by XminusY can take place on a broad variety of topics. But more important than the topic, is that the people involved take action themselves to change their own society. An application needs to have background information, concrete data, your planned activities and a detailed budget up to 3,000 euros. XminY doesn't support conferences, seminars, debates or other meetings unless they clearly aim to prepare for actions. In Africa, XminY only supports groups that can supply at least two references from other organisations or individuals.

ZARAN Online

ZARAN is a non-governmental organisation that was established in December 2001. ZARAN believes that successful HIV/AIDS interventions are those that protect and promote the rights of People Living With Aids (PLWA). It is therefore committed to the implementation of the International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights.

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Zimbabwe AIDS Network now online

For more information about the organisation, its objectives as well as its Zimbabwe AIDS Network is pleased to announce that it is now electronically linked to the world through its new website! For members, upcoming events and publications, please go to

Zimbabwe: HIV/AIDS-related positions

ActionAid is an international development Agency working in over 30 countries worldwide. Its mission is to "work with poor and marginalized communities to control vulnerability, achieve sustained improvements in quality of life and for realisation of rights in the face of HIV/AIDS, by working through local, national and international partnerships". ActionAid's HIV/AIDS work is increasingly working in partnership with governments, NGOs and the private sector to contribute significantly to commitments in UNGASS, Millennium Development Goals as well as undertaking large-scale management of contractual programs.

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“Africa Multiple” Cluster of Excellence: Four Junior Research Group Leaders
Deadline for applications: December 31, 2019

The Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence at the University of Bayreuth is establishing four Junior Research Groups commencing on July 1, 2020 and is seeking to appoint Four Junior Research Group Leaders for a funding period of four years. The doctoral students will pursue their degrees within the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies. African women and women of colour are strongly encouraged to apply and applicants with children are highly welcome.

“Civil Society and the State in Africa”: An International Web Course
York University and the Training and Research Support Centre, September 2008–April 2009

York University (Toronto) working with the Training and Research Support Centre is running an internet-based course, “Civil Society and the State in Africa”, in September 2008 – April 2009. Members of civil society organisations in East and Southern Africa are invited to apply for participation in the course, which is provided free-of-charge. The 12-unit course will take place over 26 weeks, and is designed for civil society practitioners and post-secondary students (see the Lecture Schedule and Topics at the end of this announcement). The course is intended to provide both a firm grounding in current research and debates on civil society interventions around issues of social and economic policy and to provide capacity building in analysis for research on civil society - state interactions in social policy. By the end of the course, students should have a strengthened background in theoretical, strategic and practical issues in and approaches to civil society- state interactions in policy development and implementation, and an improved capacity to locate relevant research sources and support mechanisms for future policy-oriented work. York University will provide formal written acknowledgement of a student’s successful completion of the course once all of the course requirements have been met. Please email your application BEFORE 30 AUGUST 2008 to the following address: and

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