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World Health Organization call for papers: Violence against women as a health issue
Submissions may be made throughout 2011

The World Health Organization (WHO) is inviting submissions of papers describing research that addresses violence against women. WHO is particularly interested in research with a strong intervention focus, including ways to get violence against women onto different policy agendas, lessons about how to address some of the challenges policy-makers face, and innovative approaches to prevention or service provision, including community-based programmes in both conflict- and crises-affected and more stable settings. Papers may address more neglected forms of violence against women or provide evidence on the costs and cost-effectiveness of intervention responses. Descriptive research that contributes to a better understanding of the global prevalence and costs of violence, or that provides evidence about the root causes of such violence, will also be considered.

World Nutrition Congress 2016
30th Aug - 2nd Sept 2016, Cape Town, South Africa

This congress is taking place at a time of unprecedented challenges in population nutrition. Global and national food systems are increasingly concentrated and globalised, with small scale food production being rapidly marginalised in countries where such activity previously predominated. In many countries people are mobilising to defend their rights and taking action to recover and preserve indigenous and environmentally sustainable food systems. Several African countries are experiencing a ‘nutrition transition’ but are not yet as advanced along this trajectory as is South Africa, your host country. Together with ‘Big Food’ – large corporations in the food system – South African food companies (manufacturers and retailers) are expanding into Sub-Saharan Africa, influencing many countries’ food environments and nutritional indicators. Hence, South Africa’s experience and policies can inform improved understanding and policy making on the continent and can also provide a platform for all concerned with the impact of the food system on the health of humanity and our planet. The holding of the WPHNA Congress in South Africa has the potential to inform key policy makers and researchers and significantly shape the food and nutrition policy landscape in South Africa, Africa and beyond.

World of children awards
The Communication Initiative, 15 May 2006

World of Children Awards recognises ordinary people worldwide whose lives are dedicated to doing extraordinary work on behalf of children in three categories: World of Children Health Award; World of Children Humanitarian Award; and the Founder's Award. The first two award winners will receive US$50,000 Awards; the winner of the Founder's Award will receive US$15,000. the closing date is 9 June 2006.

World Social Forum 2009

From 27 January to 1 February 2009, the city of Belem, Brazil will host the World Social Forum. Hundreds of self-managed activities – as campings, workshops, seminars, conferences, testimonies, marches, cultural and artistic activities, among others – during this six days will be spaces for exchange, reflection and building of proposals for another possible world. The registration to participate in WSF 2009 starts in October and can be made via the website address.

World Social Forum 2009: It's time to build convergences
World Social Forum: 1 December 2008

Registration for activities proposed for the World Social Forum (WSF) 2009 ended on 21 November and more than 2,400 activities were registered by organisations and movements from 60 countries. Now it's time to start convergences and merging among the participant organisations. The WSF is a space for exchange and strengthening of alternatives built by networks and movements from all over the world, so it's very important that all the initiatives and organisations try to build alliances. If you have registered for the Forum, it's strongly recommended that you check the list of activities proposed by other organisations before you confirm your activity (18 December) to try to establish contacts to unify activities or to build a common programme with similar initiatives.

World Social Forum on Health and Social Security
26-27 January 2012: Porto Alegre, Brazil

At the World Social Forum on Health and Welfare, participants will debate social protection as a fundamental human right, as well as the importance of economic democracy and the role of state and society in social and environmental justice. The debate will be organised around six themes. 1. Using civil, political, social, economic, cultural and environmental issues to structure a multidimensional concept of development. 2. Human rights and the principles of equality, fraternity and solidarity. 3. The construction of a social state along the lines of sovereignty and socialism, and building a system of social protection to counter the doctrine of neo-liberalism. 4. Overcoming poverty through the redistribution of wealth as a central element of the development agenda. 5. The production of knowledge through education policy to promote political transformation and democracy. 6. Positioning universal social protection within the paradigm of individual well being and the common good of humanity.

World Trade Organisation Public Forum 2017 — “Trade: Behind the Headlines”
Registration closing date: 12 September 2017

At a time when the debate on trade has rarely been as prominent or controversial, the WTO's 2017 Public Forum, "Trade: Behind the Headlines", offers an opportunity to go beyond the rhetoric and examine in detail the realities of trade – the opportunities it offers and the challenges it can bring. The Forum will provide a platform for discussions among policy makers, civil society representatives, business people and researchers as they consider how to make trade work for more people and ensure that the trading system is as inclusive as it can be. The opportunities that trade generates for greater growth and development and its ability to create jobs, raise incomes and reduce prices is, for some, only part of the story. There is a growing feeling that now is the time to consider the broader picture. While trade has indeed pulled millions out of poverty, the reality is that for some the experience has been different. The Public Forum is the WTO’s largest annual outreach event.

XIIth International Conference on AIDS and STDs in Africa.
9 - 13 December 2001 - Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

It is clear that over the last several years, a lot of new frontiers of knowledge have been crossed in the medical, pharmaceutical, social, economic and related fields in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. These developments provide new hope against a backdrop of a continuing and devastating HIV/AIDS pandemic. The epidemic continues to threaten the existence and development of humankind, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Insights and experiences gained in HIV/AIDS/STD control and management strategies need to be shared within the African context in order to facilitate greater regional and inter-regional collaboration. The diversity of concepts, practices and solutions to the HIV/AIDS epidemic compels us to seek ways in which we can learn from each other for better responses to the epidemic. In particular, the conference will aim to: 1. Review, discuss and provide updates on the major advances in understanding the HIV/AIDS/STD epidemic from a community, socio-economic, cultural, political, epidemiological, clinical and basic science standpoint.2. Provide a forum for a critical analysis of various responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and to discuss the extent to which these responses have impacted on the course and status of the epidemic. 3. In the light of the above, suggest and set new (or strengthen old) strategies and priorities for dealing with the epidemic from an African perspective and resource context.

XIV International AIDS Conference, July 7 – 12
2002 Barcelona, Spain

The XIV International AIDS Conference has received almost 10 500 abstract submissions from the world's leading scientists, clinicians, community representatives and people living with HIV/AIDS. This is the highest number of submissions ever received in the history of the series of international AIDS conferences.

Further details: /newsletter/id/29176
XminusY grants
Deadlines for applications: 30 June 2017

IXminusY supports social movements, action groups and change makers who are fighting for a fair, democratic, sustainable and tolerant world. Projects that are supported by XminusY can take place on a broad variety of topics. But more important than the topic, is that the people involved take action themselves to change their own society. An application needs to have background information, concrete data, your planned activities and a detailed budget up to 3,000 euros. XminY doesn't support conferences, seminars, debates or other meetings unless they clearly aim to prepare for actions. In Africa, XminY only supports groups that can supply at least two references from other organisations or individuals.