Jobs and Announcements

Advocacy Coordinator
Global Equity Gauge Alliance

The Global Equity Gauge Alliance is expanding its activities, and are looking for an experienced person to coordinate our global advocacy activities. The 2-year contract position for Advocacy Coordinator would be located in Durban, South Africa within the GEGA Secretariat, and would involve frequent international travel. For more details contact Lexi Bambas, Coordinator of the Global Equity Gauge Alliance.

4-15 AUGUST, 2003, Nairobi, Kenya

The Centre for African Family Studies (CAFS) is pleased to announce the next offering of our popular regional advocacy course entitled "Advocacy for Reproductive Health". This course was developed in collaboration with the Support for Analysis and Research in Africa Project (SARA) of the Academy for Education Development (AED), with financial support from USAID. CAFS has adjusted the course to the African region situation.

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Advocacy Skills Course
25th - 29th October 2004, AMREF International Training Centre, Nairobi - Kenya

This course is for senior and mid-level programme/projects managers, medical and health personnel and government officers. The purpose of this course is to empower the participants with advocacy and lobbying skills in order to advocate for health and health related issues.

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Africa Fellowships
South African Medical Research Council and South African AIDS

The South African Medical Research Council (MRC) and the South African AIDS Vaccine Initiative (SAAVI) invite applications for one-year travelling research fellowships in health research, with preference given to proposals which address the MRC's research priorities (see below) and particularly to those addressing HIV/AIDS research.

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Africa Health
28 May- 30 May, Johannesburg, South Africa

Africa Health gathers innovations in healthcare, from state-of-the-art imaging equipment to the most cost-effective disposables; developments in surgery to advances in prosthetics, coming in from more than 40 countries. The show is free to visit if one registers before 28 May 2019. Accompanying the exhibition is a number of business, leadership and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) conferences and workshops providing the very latest updates and insights into cutting edge procedures, techniques and skills.

Africa Health Agenda International Conference
5-7 March 2019, Kigali, Rwanda

The Africa Health Agenda International Conference 2019 (Africa Health 2019) in Kigali, Rwanda is geared to be one of the largest health convenings in Africa, with over 1,500 participants expected. Africa Health 2019 will serve as a platform to foster new ideas and home-grown solutions to the continent’s most pressing health challenges, with a focus on achieving universal health coverage (UHC) in Africa by 2030. The conference will be a key opportunity to map a pathway from commitment to action on UHC and to build momentum among diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, civil society, technical experts, innovators, the private sector, thought leaders, scientists and youth leaders.

Africa Health Agenda International Conference 2019, 2030 Now: Multi-sectoral Action to Achieve Universal Health Coverage in Africa
Youth Pre-Conference 3-4 March 2019, General Admission 5-7 March 2019, Kigali, Rwanda

Every iteration of AHAIC builds on the success of the previous one to bring more nuance and action to conversations on health in Africa. The 2017 conference, which was held in Nairobi, Kenya, brought together over 1000 stakeholders to discuss systems and innovations needed to enable Africa to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. AHAIC 2019 will convene stakeholders from across sectors and around the world to take forward critical conversations initiated in Nairobi to explore what it will take for Africa to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030. Confirmed speakers include Dr Diane Gashumba, Minister of Health, Republic of Rwanda, Dr. Githinji Gitahi, Group CEO, Amref Health Africa and Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, Regional Director for Africa, World Health Organization.

Africa in 50 years time – inventing a new Africa
Call for submission of papers: Deadline Friday 16th May 2014

On 25 May 2014 the African Union (AU) will be 12 years old, having been set up in Addis Ababa on 9 July 2002. In May 2014 Pambazuka News seeks to have a special issue on projecting into the future what Africa will look like in 50 years time. What kind of Africa do women, youth, trade union activists, environmentalists, human rights, LBGTI and sex worker activists envision? What are the dreams of African writers, poets, scientists, engineers, agronomists, musicians for the continent in 50 years time? The revolutionary Thomas Sankara heeded that: “we must dare to invent the future.” What future will Africans create in 50 years time? Will we continue to ape the intellectual paradigms of the West, in terms of economic models, fashion and style? Is this imitation an inevitable aspect of “globalisation”? What institutional challenges face the AU in the next 50 years? These are the issues and questions they hope the special issue will grapple with and address in articles. Poems, short stories and personal opinion pieces are welcome.

Africa Innovation Summit 2019
6-8 June 2018, Kigali, Rwanda

The 2018 Summit will be a multifaceted event that will bring together stakeholders from various sectors, including decision makers to seek innovative and disruptive solutions for the challenges facing African countries. The focus of AIS 2018 will include energy access, water, health, food security and climate change. AIS II will be a three-day event and the program will include five plenary sessions to introduce major thematic issues followed by a series of facilitated workshops, which will take place in focused workgroups to deepen the dialogue and to seek solutions to address the key challenges facing African countries. Each workshop will focus on a specific theme with three to four panelists and will be led by a facilitator. The aims of the discussions are to seek solutions, develop an agenda and mobilize the people and stakeholders for collective action going forward. The AIS 2018 will include activities before, during and after the Summit.

Africa Is a Country Fellowship
Rolling deadline

The purpose of the AIAC Fellowship is to support the production of original work and new knowledge on Africa-related topics that are under-recognized and under-covered in traditional media, new media, and other public forums. It particularly seeks to amplify voices and perspectives from the left that address the major political, social, and economic issues affecting Africans in ways that are original, accessible, and engaging to a variety of audiences. Fellows will be writers and/or other cultural/intellectual producers who can contribute meaningfully to transforming and expanding knowledge about Africa and the diaspora. Each fellow will receive a grant of up to US$3,000 to create original work on a topic of their choice for AIAC over a 9-month period. While most fellows will produce essays and/or reporting and analysis, AIAC are also open to work in other formats, such as photo essays, documentary videos, and more. Fiction, poetry, and fine and performing arts are not eligible for support from this program.