The EQUINET secretariat and steering committee are responsible for convening the conference, bringing in others as needed. 

A small Overall Working Group is responsible for the overall planning, process, steering and co-ordinating between Thematic working groups; co-ordinating and identifying key media, art and related inputs for the conference; reviewing applications for registration and ensuring the conference meets EQUINET’s aims and values  The members are Rene Loewenson TARSC, Barbara Kaim TARSC, Rangarirai Machemedze SEATINI and Belinda Ncube IT support. Each of the three first conference days is organised by a Thematic Working Group for that day involving one member of the Overall Working Group, two EQUINET Steering Committee members and two other key organisations that we have worked with and that have experience on the theme, keeping the diversity of social actors in mind. The Thematic Working Group are responsible for the programme for their day, review of submissions and moderation of their conference day. 

The Thematic Working Group members for each of the first three days are

For Day1 July 28th: Reclaiming the Resources for Health 
Rangarirai Machemedze, SEATINI
Nathan Banda, Southern African Trade Union Coordinating Council 
Peter Binyaruka, Ifakara Health Institute 
Danny Gotto, Innovations for Development
Isaac Kadowa, Uganda Ministry of Health

For Day 2 September 15th: Reclaiming the State 
Rene Loewenson, Training and Research Support Centre 
Leslie London, University of Cape Town 
Bona Chitah, University of Zambia
Yoswa Dambisya, ECSA Health Community 

Further member to be added.

For Day 3 October 13th: Reclaiming Collective agency and solidarity
Barbara Kaim, Training and Research Support Centre 
Itai Rusike, Community Working Group on Health 
Fatiya Kiyange, Centre for Health Rights and Development
Kingsley Chikaphupha, REACH Trust
Further member to be added.

For Day 4 November 17th: The regional movement for health equity 
The full EQUINET Steering Committee 

We will add here also others who are making key contributions to the conference, including on social media, commissioned live–art, and media coverage. We are grateful for the many and diverse talents contributing to the conference!