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We invite submissions from different voices and in different forms for presentation at the conference within the three strategic areas of the conference. We invite submissions that have an emphasis on experience, evidence and actions on the key themes of the conference, that is: 

For Day1 July 28th: Reclaiming the Resources for Health, on with subthemes covering equity in access to decent living, working and community conditions; confronting old and new forms of extraction of mineral and biodiversity resources; exploring efforts to localise production of key goods and technologies for health; supporting food sovereignty and addressing drivers of pandemics and climate change

For Day 2 September 15th: Reclaiming the State on with subhthemes covering state duties and capacities for sustainable, equitable wellbeing; resisting and advancing public alternatives to the privatisation and commodification of essential services and systems; engaging on tax justice from local to global level; and promoting comprehensive public health and primary health care responses to epidemics.

For Day 3 October 13th: Reclaiming Collective Agency and Solidarity with subthemes covering efforts and insights from work to advance the right to health; work to build public health power and organise informed active citizenship and health literate communities; experiences of strengthening values based leadership and cadres; and building organic knowledge systems, including through participatory action research.

We are inviting inputs from local, national, regional level and regional engagement globally. The presentation may be as an oral presentation, or a presentation of art, music/song, poetry, a podcast, such as a recording of voices of health workers, communities, officials or others, or of activities in progress, or photojournalism. It should present evidence, ideas, experience and learning/proposals related to one of the conference themes above. We expect presentations to be short (less than 15 minutes) so please indicate in the abstract how much time you envisage your input will need. Dont forget to ALSO REGISTER for the conference days

Abstract submission has now closed!  Please do not send in a submission form but please DO register to participate in the conference 
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Feedback on accepted presentations will be provided by 30 June.