Registration for Day 1  and 2 is closed. Registration for Day 3 closes midnight 3 October 2022  

We are a network of many – community members, workers, state personnel at all levels, civil society, parliamentarians, academics, trade unions, diverse professionals, innovators, producers and others -  and welcome all to the conference.

Participants can register for one, two or all three days of the conference, shown below with the dates for each.  Please register separately for each of the three days, so register using all three links for all three days if you want to attend all. (Registration from Day one will not be carried forward to Day 2 and 3- you need to separately Also register for these days using the sepoarate links below). The online conference will be 9am to 5pm Southern African time for the three full days. Registration is free. We welcome voluntary support for the conference so please CONTACT US if you wish to provide this. 

All those attending a day of the conference will be automatically registered for the fourth half day 9am to 1pm on November 17th. 

Please use the links below to register for EACH day that you plan to attend. You need to register separately for EACH conference day. If you want to attend all three days, for example, you’ll need to register at ALL three links below. You’ll be asked for some short information in a form that will take less than 5 minutes to complete. Please accept cookies to enable submission of the form.  Your registration will be reviewed and we will aim to give feedback within a fortnight of registration.  As total numbers are limited please register early. If you do not plan to attend any specific day please cancel your registration so we can give space to others.

Once confirmed you will receive a confirmation email containing the information you’ll need to join the meeting. This will provide a link and password. The link to use for the day is for your personal use only. Please use the email you registered on to join on the day (the platform will only admit registered participants using their emails as identification).  Please make sure your full name appears on the zoom ID when you log in. Please log in 15 minutes before starting time of sessions, and ensure settings on mute and video off unless speaking in the session to help those with low bandwidth. Please do not share your registration link, it is personal to you.  

For Day1 July 28th: Reclaiming the Resources for Health 
Now closed 

For Day 2 September 15th: Reclaiming the State 
Now closed 

For Day 3 October 13th: Reclaiming Collective agency and solidarity
Register in advance up to October 3rd at 

Those accepted for one of the full days of the conference will receive in November a link to attend Day 4 9am to 1pm on November17th