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Reclaiming the state: Advancing people’s health, challenging injustice

It is six years since EQUINET was formed to support the Southern African Development community (SADC) in its commitment to secure equity in health. In those six years many challenges have been faced, much has been achieved and much remains to be done. This report from the EQUINET steering committee faces the future squarely in the eye. It details the opportunities for equity that lie in the region and highlights the obstacles to equity that we must confront. It offers a vision of health systems that serve equity. It presents a rallying call for those striving to work for justice hand in hand with the poor and marginalised.

Equiwrite programme launched

Following a successful Capacity Building Workshop On Writing For Peer Reviewed Journals in Durban, South Africa, June 4-7 2004 EQUINET is launching the EQUIWRITE programme. EQUIWRITE aims to build skills for effective publication and dissemination of information on equity in health. We are designing this programme based on the needs of researchers, government, civil society and others to support writing for scientific peer reviewed, policy, advocacy and other publications. Email us at and let us know your views on the support you need for effective dissemination and publication of your work in equity in health.

Malawian student wins Equinet grant

Zindaba Yiwombe of the Malawi Health Equity Network is the winner of the award for the best EQUINET student grant proposal. Zindaba, who is studying journalism, presented a proposal to do a content analysis of debates on health in the Malawi National Assembly. The proposal by Zindaba aims to identify the extent to which debates in parliament take up health equity issues, the key areas debated and the trends in such debates. The work is relevant to EQUINET work with GEGA in the region on strengthening and supporting parliamentary oversight, legislative, representation and budget roles in promoting health equity. Malawi Health Equity Network has built close links with the Malawi Parliamentary committee on health in promoting health equity. The award was presented to Zindaba at the EQUINET June Conference.

** Reclaiming the state: Advancing peoples Health, Challenging Injustice
Abstract of EQUINET Steering committee paper presented at the Equinet conference, Durban, 8-9 June 2004

This paper is the third overview produced by the Southern African Regional Network for Equity in Health (EQUINET) steering committee since EQUINET’s launch after the Kasane meeting in 1997. The first paper in 1998 identified a concept of health equity that would guide EQUINET work, outlined the areas of policy commitment to this vision of equity in southern Africa, and the gaps in delivery on these commitments. The second paper in 2000 described the profile of poverty, inequality and ill health in southern Africa despite these commitments, and proposed policy measures that would better direct resources towards health needs, and the forms of health care most appropriate and accessible to those with greatest health needs, particularly through primary health care strategies. This paper highlighted the important role played by the social forces that drive policy choices, and proposed specific measures for organising and investing in opportunities for informed, authoritative participation of all social groups and particularly the poorest in their health systems, and for building health system responsiveness and accountability to social groups.

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Meeting on Equity in Human Resources for Health in Southern Africa
April 15-17, 2004

The Regional Network for Equity in Health in Southern Africa (EQUINET) and Health Systems Trust South Africa (HST) successfully held a review meeting on Equity in the Distribution of Personnel in Southern Africa. This meeting is part of the two-year research and advocacy programme of work in this area that aims to promote the equitable distribution of health personnel in southern Africa. Watch the site for a report of the meeting.