Africa Speaks: Request for a video clip
Closing date: 30 June 2014
What does this mean practically for your organisation / network or institution? STEP 1: Providing information and obtaining informed consent from the speaker - Once you have identified a stakeholder, they ask that you provide them with appropriate background information on the Symposium. This can all be obtained from the HSR symposium webpage under the tab “About the Symposium” – where you will find a description of the background, objectives and the theme of the event. They We ask that you obtain their informed consent – so that we can be absolutely sure that they are comfortable having their video clip presented in the opening plenary, or other session and (or not) displayed on the HSR Symposium website. This consent can be withdrawn at any stage if the participant feels uncomfortable with the process. A consent form can be provided. Requests for further information, questions can be communicated to Nikki Schaay or Helen Schneider On behalf of the South African Local Organising Committee Email: or Tel: +27-21-959 2132/2809