Other participatory action research resources

On this page you will find links to materials, videos and other resources that don’t fit with the description of other categories and are useful resources for those working with PAR. The most recently published resources are shown first. We look forward to receiving your resources!

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"Walk with me" -- a community development effort (TED Talk)


Payne, A P,2014

Yasser Arafat Payne is the organizer of a street ethnographic research program centered on exploring notions of resilience and resiliency with the streets of Black and Brown America using an unconventional framework called, Street Participatory Action Research (Street PAR). In this TED talk, Dr. Payne aims to break down stereotypical barriers and images of Black and Brown people in the criminal justice system, so that transition back in the community and opportunities for upward mobility are successful. Dr. Payne’s work is centered on humanizing those in the criminal justice system.

The Application of Participatory Action-Research in Latin America


Fals-Borda O,1987

This paper draws on field studies in Nicaragua, Colombia and Mexico to explore the theory and action of PAR as a methods used since the 1970s that challenges established academic routines while also generating and systematising knowledge. It identifies PAR as a comprehensive and human paradigm in the social sciences using a series of techniques to combine knowledge and power.