How do I send information to include on the portal?

In the side bar on the portal home page you'll see a category "SEND INFORMATION".Click on this and enter your information on the form and click on the 'SEND' and it will send the information for the site moderators to check and upload.  if you have any problems you can email EQUINET at the email address on the home page.

What do I put in the 'Description' box?

In the description box in 600 characters or less give a description of what the document/video or other resource includes or covers or if an organisation, what it does. 

When I enter information in the 'Description' it wont let me add the full information I want to write. Why?

The description box allows you to enter 600 characters maximum. After that it won't allow you to add more. If you reach that limit but still have key information to add please check and edit further what you have already put in and delete of some content so you can add the rest of your information. 

What if the information I want to share isnt already online?

If your document or other resource isnt already online please upload it to your website if it is your own product and include the url where it is found. If it is a video please upload it to a free video sharing site like vimeo and send us the url. If you arent able to upload a document then fill in and submit all the rest of the information except the url on the portal 'send information' form and send an email to the secretariat using the email address on the EQUINET home page with DOCUMENT FOR THE PAR PORTAL  indicating you have sent the informartion, with the title of the document and the document attached as a pdf not word version in the lowest file size possible and permission  to upload it to the EQUINET site.  We will check the information and may be able to upload it to the EQUINET database so we have an online url to use for it.  We can only do this for documents.