Participatory action research training resources

On this page you will find links to various written and visual resources used for training and capacity building in PAR, including training guides, reports of training resources and links to online training courses and their curricula. The resources are in various languages. The most recently published resources are shown first. Please send us your training materials and resources to include on this page.

‘Barefoot Research: A Workers' Manual for Organising On Work Security

Keith M; Brophy J; Kirby P; Rosskam E,2002

The manual is a practical tool, designed to be of assistance to workers and union officials, showing how they can probe to discover whether they have work security, and if not how they can go about obtaining it. Information is rarely neutral, and it is rarely appropriate to rely on others to collect, analyse and disseminate information on which practices and policies should be based. If workers want basic security, they must be involved in collecting the information, analysing it and using it in ways they determine, and the manual provides methods for this.