EQUINET meeting in Lusaka on health and wellbeing of urban youth, June 2018

TARSC as cluster lead of the “Equity Watch” work in EQUINET has been exploring urban health in east and southern African (ESA) countries, gathering diverse forms of evidence from literature review, analysis of quantitative data, internet searches on practices and a participatory validation amongst different social groups of youth. Lusaka District Health Authority (LDHO) has a history of over a decade of using participatory reflection and action (PRA) approaches to strengthen health literacy. In 2018, TARSC and LDHO hosted a meeting to explore the views of youth in the city on their health and wellbeing to better integrate this group within the health literacy programme, involving also selected Harare youth who had participated in a similar programme with TARSC and the CFHD in Harare.  The two day participatory meeting heard from different groups of Lusaka urban youth their perceptions and experiences on urban health and wellbeing; facilitated exchanges between Lusaka and Harare youth on urban health and wellbeing; identified the implications for urban health literacy and urban primary health care, and shared this with relevant authorities in Lusaka. The report of the meeting and other documents on the urban health work are available online.