Participatory action research programme to develop online PAR 

In 2017 EQUINET (through TARSC working with Maldaba a web design company) is developing a web platform for participatory action research (PAR) that would allow us to connect across countries on areas of local community level work and action on areas of health, health determinants  and health systems that have wider regional and global relevance or relate to global policies being applied across our countries. In doing this we are building a new tool that will allow  us to share, discuss,  analyse and design actions across countries in the same way we have done so using PAR at local level, that we can use in future for many purposes. TARSC is working with PAR facilitators from 8 sites in east and southern Africa.  We are taking forward the web platform for PAR between July 2017 and December 2019 working with eight sites and health workers and community members in a primary care facility in the site. We are exploring how disease programme or funding targets  such as for performance based financing are affecting health workers professionals roles and team work; health workers relationships with communities  and the ability to deliver comprehensive primary health care.. Please email the secrertariat for further information.