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ZARAN Online -ZARAN, Zambia ******************************* ZARAN is a non-governmental organisation that was established in December 2001. ZARAN was born out of a growing concern by Mwambo Mutale, a Student at the University of Zambia, Great East Road Campus, for the abuses of the rights of People Living With AIDS (PLWA). Thus, on 29th Oct 2000, ZARAN was registered as an association at the University of Zambia. It then went through an incubation period in which priorities were identified and partnerships established. This culminated in its registration as an NGO in December 2001. ZARAN believes that successful HIV/AIDS interventions are those that protect and promote the rights of People Living With Aids (PLWA). It is therefore committed to the implementation of the International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights. Objectives ZARAN aims to: ·Conduct research into the legal issues of HIV/AIDS ·Carry out advocacy for the rights of PLWA ·Lobby government to pass legislation that will enshrine the rights of PLWA. ·Solicit government to implement international guidelines on HIV/AIDS and human rights ZARAN has recently gone online please visit our site at