A Call for HIV/AIDS Artwork-2003
Candelight memorial poster contest
A Call for HIV/AIDS Artwork-2003 Candelight memorial poster contest -Matthew Matassa, USA ********************************* Are you an artist? Do you want your artwork to be seen in 1500 communities around the world? Do you have an image that the HIV/AIDS community can benefit from? If the answer is YES, then participate in the Candlelight Memorial Poster Contest. The Global Health Council is inviting anyone interested to participate in the Candlelight Memorial 2003 Poster Contest. We are asking individuals to submit artwork that addresses this year's theme of remembrance and renewal. The 2003 theme is "Remembering the Cause, Renewing our Commitment,Mobilizing a Global Community". We encourage you to take this contest to your communities and invite everyone to participate. It is a great way to get your community to express their ideas and thoughts about HIV/AIDS through art. The winning entry will be turned into this year's Official Candlelight Memorial Poster which is distributed to over 1500 communities around the world. The winner's organization will also be recognized on the poster. Please visit www.candlelightmemorial.org to view last year's poster winner. Restrictions: The only restrictions is that it must be in the format to be turned into a poster (i.e.. electronic file 600dpi or larger, original artwork no larger than 24in x36in, or a picture of the original.) We encourage you to be creative and send us all of your ideas. Deadline and entry details: All entries will be accepted until November 8, 2001 and we will announce the winner during our annual World AIDS Day event on December 1, 2002. Please email your entry to mmatassa@globalhealth.org or send to: Matthew Matassa Global Health Council 1701 K Street Suite 600 Washington, DC 20006 If you have any questions, please email: Matthew Matassa Email:mmatassa@globalhealth.org *---* A posting from AF-AIDS (af-aids@healthdev.net) To submit a posting, send to af-aids@healthdev.net For anonymous postings, add the word "anon" to the subject line To join, send a blank message to join-af-aids@healthdev.net To leave send a blank email to leave-af-aids@healthdev.net You are currently subscribed to af-aids as: kate@fahamu.org Archives before 19 September 2001: http://www.hivnet.ch:8000/africa/af-aids Archives after 19 September 2001: http://archives.healthdev.net/af-aids *********** The forum is moderated by the Health & Development Networks Moderation Team (HDN, www.hdnet.org) on behalf of the AF-AIDS Policy and Steering Committee (HST, HDN & SAfAIDS) with support from Fondation du Present (FdP) and technical support from Health Systems Trust (HST). The views expressed in this forum do not necessarily reflect those of HDN, HST, SAfAIDS or FdP. Reproduction welcomed, provided source and forum email address is quoted. Copyright AF-AIDS 2002