A Just and Sustainable World is Possible
Civil Society Declaration at Johannesburg
A Just and Sustainable World is Possible Civil Society Declaration at Johannesburg We representatives of diverse civil society groups gathered in Johannesburg, affirm the value of the process of the Earth Summit, but we disassociate ourselves with deep concern from the outcomes of the world summit on Sustainable Development. We are alarmed that the governments of the world continue to show a tragic unwillingness to translate the RIO principles into concrete action and to display an appalling lack of determination to commit themselves to the objectives of Agenda 21. Instead they have shown an irresponsible subservience to corporate led globalisations and have made attempts to role back the commitments they reached in Rio. We denounce The failure to recognise the premise of human dignity and human rights as a negotiating principle, most specifically with regard to access to basic services The strengthening of an international economic and financial system that is incompatible with the goals of sustainable development The failure to protect earth, its biodiversity and all living creatures The promotion of market forces and the WTO as the main economic, social, environmental and cultural arbitrator The evasion of political responsibilities by many states and the downgrading of their role to simple involvement in partnerships with the private sector The reduction of capacities of the public sector, communities and most intergovernmental organisations The undermining of civil society’s efforts and contributions by substantially limiting NGO access and participation We commit to hold governments and businesses accountable and we challenge them to embrace once and for all, the principles of sustainable development. Governments that shy away from such principles place their own legitimacy at risk. We affirm: A world of equity, justice, democratic participation, and human rights for all, where the values of life, peoples and the planet take precedence over profit. The protection of Earth’s life support systems as a fundamental basis for sustainable development We commit ourselves to the goals of truly participatory international institutions and a culture of peace, dialogue, diversity, tolerance, solidarity, and a high quality of life and we demonstrate this commitment every day in our work. We celebrate our common resolve to strengthen the diversity of human cultures and the integrity of our Planet Earth. We reaffirm that “another world is possible”, and we shall make it happen!