International videoconference
(UAHI) WEDNESDAY 18 JULY 2001 The objectives of UAHI are: * To present global and local ICT activities in relation to six proposed 'priority areas for action' (see the framework for cooperation: 'Working together to improve access to information for healthcare workers in developing and transitional countries', prepared by a working group comprising staff from WHO and other organizations working to improve access to health information. * To exchange ideas and perspectives relating to the interface between international and local initiatives to use ICTs to improve access to information for health professionals in developing countries. * To discuss ways forward to improve access to information. UAHI will primarily consider the information needs of pre-service and in-service healthcare providers in the least developed countries. However, issues of access to information for other end users (researchers, policy makers, the general public) will also be considered. The event will *not* specifically address related areas that are covered widely in other for epidemiological surveillance, patient data management, hospital information systems, telediagnosis, and teleconsultation. Throughout, there will be an emphasis on the perspective of those working in low-income countries: healthcare providers, librarians, publishers and other users and providers of health information. Participation is open to all with an interest, subject to availability of space. WHEN? July 18, 2001 10am to 5pm (London time) WHERE? Cape Town, Harare, London, Nairobi, Sao Paulo, Washington DC. Please contact Linda Berkowitz for further details. A Full Programme will be available shortly on the Web at <www.healthcomms.org> and <www.inasp.org.uk>. This event is being jointly organized by Exchange, INASP-Health, and the Interactive Health Network. It is funded by Exchange, with support from the Department for International Development (UK). We look forward to seeing you on 18 July. Andrew Chetley, Director, Exchange Neil Pakenham-Walsh, Programme Manager, INASP-Health Linda Berkowitz, Project Manager, Interactive Health Network 'Exchange' is a networking and learning programme on health communications for development. <www.healthcomms.org> INASP-Health (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications) is a cooperative network for organizations and individuals working to improve access to reliable information for health professionals in developing and transitional countries. <www.inasp.org.uk> Interactive Health Network is a non-profit collaboration that uses online technology as a means of addressing health inequities. IHN provides a real-time interactive service for health education in developing countries using videoconferencing and is developing a portal for health care workers in developing countries.