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Zambia: N/West, West On Polio Alert

THE Central Board of Health (CBoH) has placed North-Western and Western provinces on alert following an outbreak of a wild polio virus among refugees entering Zambia.

Zambia: Traditional Healers Worry THAZ Over HIV/Aids

THE Traditional Healers Association of Zambia (THAZ) should find ways of punishing its members who are misleading their patients that they can be cured of HIV/AIDS by having sex with children, the Child Care and Adoption Society of Zambia has demanded.

ZAMBIA: Youths against AIDS
A special report from IRIN plusnews

A concerted campaign anchored to popular teenage
culture is slowing down the rate of HIV-infection among one of Zambia's most vulnerable demographic groups: older teenagers in urban areas.

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The Zambian government has instituted criteria to determine which of the country's 200,000 HIV/AIDS patients will have access to free antiretroviral drug treatment, Xinhua News Agency reports. Under the new guidelines, HIV-positive people wishing to access the drugs must undergo voluntary HIV testing and counselling as well as a clinical test to determine their viral load.

Zambian PWAs sceptical about ARV roll-out

A government programme to provide anti-AIDS drugs to HIV-positive Zambians had ignored those who needed it most and was simply "a lot of hot air", activists told PlusNews. Last year, the government announced that up to 10,000 people living with HIV/AIDS (PWAs) would receive free antiretroviral (ARV) drugs in nine provincial treatment centres. The project would also provide a team consisting of a physician, faith healer, counsellor and social worker in each centre.

Zim Set to Get Global AIDS Funds

THE long awaited Global Fund on HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria is now ready to disburse money to five countries that are still to be named, while working out mechanisms on the rest, a senior World Health Organisation official has said. Zimbabwe is one of the few African countries whose proposal was approved and is set to get $1,3 billion (US$22 million). The first tranche of $55 million is expected to be made available soon.

zimbabwe doctors want 8 000% pay increase

Doctors at Zimbabwe's government hospitals have gone on an indefinite strike demanding an 8 000 percent pay increase, their union leader Phibion Manyanga said late in October. Manyanga, who heads the Hospital Doctors Association, told AFP that the strike would go on until their demands were addressed.

Zimbabwe health sector on brink of collapse

The health delivery capacity of public health institutions has been adversely affected by the poor economic environment and some clinics and hospitals are now operating without essential drugs and medical supplies. Zimbabwe's public health sector - once the best in sub-Saharan Africa - is now reeling as a result of neglect and inadequate funding by the government.

Zimbabwe hospitals turn patients away

The strike by medical doctors and nurses in Zimbabwe is crippling the public health sector, at a time when the poor cannot afford high fees that private hospitals charge. Monica Ngwere, an asthmatic patient from Shurugwi in central Zimbabwe, was last week turned away from Parirenyatwa Referral Hospital in the capital, Harare.

Zimbabwe state doctors' strike continues

Zimbabwe state doctors went on strike for the third day running in the last week of June, adding to the woes of a struggling healthcare system and the government of President Robert Mugabe. Doctors started strike action in the second city, Bulawayo, complaining that a recent evaluation and pay review of public sector jobs had whittled away their monthly salaries.